Evacuation Engineer

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10+ Years


Electrical Engineering

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Minimum Qualifying Criterion:
Education: B. Tech in Electrical Engineering
Experience: 10 + years

Roles & Responsibilities:

– Assessing Grid Connection feasibility at various ISTS/In-STS substations for RE projects (Solar + Wind).
Shall have good understanding of power systems & knowledge on CTU & STU networks & plans.

– Applying for Grid Connectivity in CTU/STU and co-ordination with concerned STU/CTU for
obtaining Connectivity and signing connection agreements.

– Required coordination for Estimate preparation & approval for Evacuation system (Transmission
line & Switchyard ) from STU/CTU. 

– Required coordination for approvals of Engineering Drawing & Documents in CTU/STU/Discoms
and other statutory in regards of Evacuation system.

– Required Co-ordination for Section 68 & 164 approvals, PTCC approvals, Forest clearances, NH
crossings, Railways crossings, Line crossings, River crossing, Civil aviation, Defense aviation, etc.
& other approvals in transmission lines.

– Required Co-ordination for Metering Scheme & Telemetry approvals from concerned authorities
for RE plants.

– Required coordination for all evacuation related approvals, including NRLDC registration, CON 4,
CON 5, CON 6 applications in ISTS connected Plants.

– Required coordination for obtaining work completion reports & final Grid connectivity.

– Required coordination for obtaining synchronization & charging permission for RE plants from
respective SLDC/CTU/STU/Discoms.

– Making communication to CTU/STU/NRLDC/SLDC/CEA and other statutory bodies as and when

* The candidate must be willing to travel to various STU/CTU offices, site locations, places as per requirement.

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