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Key Responsibilities:

Contract Management for Renewable Projects:
Draft, review, and negotiate contracts for solar and wind projects, including EPC agreements, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and land lease agreements.
Ensure contracts align with legal requirements, industry standards, and specific considerations of renewable energy projects.

Legal Advisory for Renewable Energy Projects:
Provide legal guidance on project-specific issues, including regulatory compliance, permitting, environmental impact assessments, and contractual obligations.
Collaborate with internal stakeholders and legal teams to address unique legal challenges in the renewable energy sector.

Commercial Compliance in Renewable Energy:
Monitor and ensure compliance with local and international laws, regulations, and industry standards relevant to renewable energy projects.
Work closely with project teams to integrate compliance considerations into commercial activities.

Taxation Management for Renewable Projects:
Collaborate with finance and accounting teams to develop and implement tax strategies for solar and wind projects.
Assess tax implications for renewable energy transactions and provide recommendations to optimize tax positions.

Regulatory Compliance in Renewable Energy:
Stay informed about changes in regulations affecting the renewable energy industry.
Develop and maintain compliance programs, policies, and procedures tailored to the unique regulatory landscape of the renewable energy sector.

Due Diligence for Renewable Transactions:
Conduct legal due diligence for mergers, acquisitions, or other strategic initiatives in the renewable energy space.
Provide insights and recommendations based on legal and compliance assessments specific to solar and wind projects.

Dispute Resolution in Renewable Projects:
Manage legal disputes related to renewable energy projects and collaborate with external legal counsel when necessary.
Work towards resolving disputes in a manner that aligns with the objectives of renewable energy initiatives.

Training and Awareness in Renewable Energy Compliance:
Conduct training sessions and awareness programs to educate internal teams on legal, taxation, and compliance matters specific to the renewable energy industry.
Promote a culture of compliance and ethical behavior in the context of renewable energy projects.

The Contracting and Commercial Specialist with a focus on Taxation & Compliance and Legal Affairs in the Renewable Energy industry plays a crucial role in ensuring the contractual, legal, and compliance aspects of solar and wind projects. This position requires a seasoned professional with expertise in contract management, legal affairs, and a deep understanding of taxation and compliance regulations specific to the Renewable Energy sector.

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