Women play a critical role in transforming the economical, social and communal landscape of the community. We work towards empowering women by helping them develop the skills they need to succeed in a global economy by equipping them with information, technology, and the capacity to achieve improved health, education, and livelihood outcomes.


Skilled from Tailoring Centres


Beauticians Certified


Certified from Digital Centre

Navkiran Stitching Centres
Stitching bright futures

We harness the power of rural women as the breadwinners, and community leaders. We are combining women's artisan skills, and entrepreneurial zeal by teaching them stitching skills through our Navkiran Stitching Centres.

Navkiran Digital Computer Centre
Closing the digital gap for women entrepreneurs

Avaada Foundation, to empower underprivileged rural families with new information and new opportunities, has initiated Digital Education Centres. Engaging women in our digital transformation is crucial for our economic prosperity.

Beauty Classes
Empowering women, transforming lives

Our beauty classes have successfully trained numerous women to become certified beauticians, allowing them to generate their own income. With economic empowerment, these women have the ability to lift their families out of poverty and into prosperity.

Vocal for Local Initiative
Women : Catalyst for India’s economic rise

Aatmanirbhar Bharat has been the foundation of our actions and aspirations. By empowering our women and making our nation self-reliant, we can unleash India's true potential. Financial independence empowers women to break free from societal prejudices.

Educating Women
Fostering economic prosperity

With capacity building programs for income generation avenues, we have initiated financial literacy and entrepreneurship training to unleash women's entrepreneurship spirits and ensure their efforts yield the desired results for their businesses.