The good of the community is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that the limitless potential of our nation can be realised through an encouraged society. Our major initiative is to empower the disadvantaged groups and the unserved and remote areas of the society by making quality health care and nutrition accessible to every individual, to positively impact the social fabric of the country.

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Health Initiatives
Health Camps
Empowering India with good health

Avaada Foundation believes that a healthy mind and body go together. We are committed to improving the quality of life of the underprivileged population through health programmes that facilitate access to quality healthcare for the disadvantaged population.

Health Competitions
Healthy child, healthier future

The health of the newborn determines the well-being of the next generation. Avaada Foundation improves the health of mothers and babies through Healthy Baby competitions, awareness programs among mothers about child care and recognise their sincerity by giving rewards.

24/7 Ambulance Service
Our mission is people first

As part of its community service programme, Avaada Foundation, in its quest to provide better healthcare to the people, has set up a 24x7 ambulance service. The ability to transport patients to hospitals around the clock benefits the underprivileged community.

Veterinary Services
We are their voices

The livestock are important in supporting the livelihoods of poor farmers and Avaada Foundation is creating the needed impact with its veterinary care services in remotest of locations. Improved animal health is a key for poverty reduction and sustainable livelihoods.

COVID Response
Building back together

Avaada Foundation set up COVID care centres during the second wave of the pandemic to alleviate the unprecedented health and humanitarian crisis. Our top priority is always the well-being of the community, and beyond hospitals, supporting the frontline workers.

Clean Drinking Water Facility
Clean water matters

Safe and clean drinking has become reality for every family with Avaada Foundation setting up water systems at all our sites. Avaada’s clean agents have set up water filtration plants for the underprivileged communities, ensuring clean water reaches everyone.