In the rich panorama of India’s cultural and environmental ethos, the ‘Sanjivani Booti,’ a life-reviving herb from our revered epic, Ramayana, holds a special place. It symbolises a source of boundless energy and rejuvenation, paralleling the potential of green hydrogen in our modern pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

As we commemorate 8 October, acknowledged as National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day (an astute nod to the atomic weight of hydrogen: 1.008), we are deeply inspired by the vision of a net-zero future. Green hydrogen emerges as our contemporary ‘Sanjivani Booti,’ pivotal in realising this vision.

India, with its rich heritage and respect for nature, has always woven its development with sustainable practices. Our ancestors, who honoured nature by nurturing various trees/plants and dedicating places of worship to various elements of nature, have bequeathed a legacy where we perceive green hydrogen as a crucial element in our journey towards net-zero emissions and a sustainable future.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has been a luminary in this journey, inaugurating the National Green Hydrogen Mission in January 2023, thereby catalysing the Green Hydrogen Revolution in India. This initiative is not merely a policy but a commitment to spearhead a transformative energy sector that promises not only to fortify our national energy security but also to position India as a global leader in environmental stewardship.

We extend our sincere appreciation to MNRE for celebrating World Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day yesterday in Delhi and infusing momentum into this vital sector in recent years. The celebration has transcended boundaries, with various countries and organisations actively participating and governments worldwide investing in hydrogen infrastructure and research to accelerate its adoption.

India’s trajectory towards economic growth, universal energy access, and environmental sustainability is significantly hinged on the widespread adoption of green hydrogen technology. The supportive policies enacted by our government, coupled with India’s abundant pool of talent, place us in a favourable position to spearhead this transformative energy sector, benefiting not only our nation but the entire world.

The collective efforts of the Indian government towards making India the green hydrogen hub of the future underscore our unwavering commitment to excelling in the green energy future. We take this moment to appreciate the cohesive team from policy-making, Financial Institutions (FI) and banks, industry, and research sector for taking the lead in developing this sector and steering our nation towards a sustainable future.

Let us all unite on this National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day to pledge our commitment to a future where green hydrogen becomes the cornerstone of India’s energy landscape, ensuring not only energy security but also propelling us into a position of global environmental leadership.

Author’s Note

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Mr. Vineet Mittal

Vineet Mittal is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple large-scale businesses. His passion for sustainability originates from the ancient Indian Vedic philosophy of ‘Mata bhoomi putro aham prithiwaya” - The Earth is to be protected like a mother and nurtured for future generations.