It was an evening like no other, an eclectic mix of professionals gathered around a dinner table. Mr. Gupta, the CEO of a leading firm, couldn’t resist but question the importance of teachers in society. “What can children possibly learn from someone who chose to become a teacher?” he asked. To strengthen his point, he turned to Mrs. Sharma, a schoolteacher, and inquired, “What do you really make, Mrs. Sharma?”

The Profound Answer of Mrs. Sharma

Not one to back down, Mrs. Sharma calmly responded, “Do you want to know what I make?” And then she began:

  • “I make children realize their potential.”
  • “I make an average grade feel like an Olympic gold medal.”
  • “I make kids focus for an hour when their parents struggle to make them sit for even five minutes without their gadgets.”

The Vedantic Touch

Mrs. Sharma then subtly referred to the ancient Indian philosophy of Vedanta. “Much like the Vedanta tells us to look within to find the universal soul, I make my students look within to find their innate abilities. I help them see that they are not separate from the cosmos but a vital part of it.”

Beyond Just Academics

She continued to delineate the intangible values she imparts:

  • “I make them wonder about the universe.”
  • “I make them question norms and traditions.”
  • “I make them take responsibility and offer sincere apologies.”

More than a Salary: Making a Difference

Mrs. Sharma concluded, “So, when someone asks me what I make, knowing well that life’s value is not measured in rupees and dollars, I can confidently say that I make a difference. I prepare children not just for exams but for life, helping them become future CEOs, doctors, engineers, or perhaps enlightened beings.”

The Ball Back in Mr Gupta’s Court

She then posed the question back, “So, Mr. Gupta, now tell me, what do you make?”

The True Essence of Teacher’s Day

As we celebrate Teacher’s Day in India, let us acknowledge the monumental role teachers like Mrs. Sharma play in shaping the souls of the next generation. They are not just educators but life coaches, not just instructors but philosophers in their own right. Inspired by the wisdom of Vedanta, they lead by example, guiding their students towards a higher plane of existence.

To all the teachers out there who silently work towards sculpting our futures—Happy Teacher’s Day!

Author’s Note

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Mr. Vineet Mittal

Vineet Mittal is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple large-scale businesses. His passion for sustainability originates from the ancient Indian Vedic philosophy of ‘Mata bhoomi putro aham prithiwaya” - The Earth is to be protected like a mother and nurtured for future generations.