Green Hydrogen and it's Derivatives

Green hydrogen is the energy of the future, essential for decarbonisation. Green Hydrogen can become an unrivalled tool to replace fossil fuels in those sectors that are difficult to decarbonise. Hydrogen is recognised as an essential element for the deep decarbonisation of our energy mix.

Avaada Group brings together various technological developments with India's power grid and renewable resource bank to drive successful penetration of green hydrogen and make India a self-reliant (aatmanirbhar) country in the global energy system, and energy provider for other countries.

Proven Expertise of Green
Hydrogen Company

Avaada is ideally positioned to enable a clean energy transition. We bring together a portfolio of innovative technologies, leading investment commitments and proven expertise to deploy green hydrogen for every step in the hydrogen value chain, from procurement to services and decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors. With a focus on a "zero defect and zero effect" policy, we are developing the sustainable long-term capacity of the renewable energy sector while ensuring zero effect through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by increasing reliance on clean and green technologies.

Expanding Application Spectrum of Green Hydrogen Production

Green hydrogen has a wide range of industrial applications, from refining to petrochemicals and steel production. Direct uses include industrial processes in cement, iron, steel plants, refineries, transportation fuel for light-duty vehicles, buses, trucks, trains, and potentially ships and aircraft, as well as storage in the power sector, grid balancing and co-firing in thermal power plants. Green hydrogen is an important chemical feedstock for the production of ammonia, that is used in the fertiliser industry, as well as methane and methanol production.

Green Ammonia

India is currently the third largest producer of ammonia in the world and ammonia is essential for the country as a fuel for the future and will go a long way in reducing the nation's dependency on imported crude oil. Ammonia can be used as a fuel, but its potential as a fuel for the future is still being explored and is not yet widely available. However, green ammonia produced from renewable energy sources has the potential to play an important role in reducing the world's dependence on fossil fuels and in the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy system. 

With the intention of capitalising on the business opportunities created in the green ammonia sector, Avaada has established a dedicated division to develop the production of green ammonia.

Green Methanol

Green methanol is a key product in the chemical industry. It can be used to produce other chemicals such as formaldehyde, acetic acid and plastics, or replace methanol as the main element. It offers an alternative sustainable solution. Avaada is well-positioned to build on its renewable energy capabilities. Our experience in renewable energy, cutting-edge technology, machinery and technical efficiency enable us to be at the forefront of green methanol production.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Avaada has made a pledge to replace fossil fuels and save our mother earth from intense carbon emissions and maintain our natural balance. We are committed to achieving net zero flight by 2050 by focusing on the most important source: Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Avaada is well-positioned to build its renewable energy capabilities. With refining equipment, infrastructure, new technologies and technical expertise, Avaada is able to produce SAF from a variety of sustainable resources such as forest and agricultural waste and used cooking oil. SAF uses renewable raw materials and recycles carbon instead of adding it to the atmosphere, closing the carbon cycle and reducing emissions by 80%.

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