Deputy Manager

Job description

1. Shall assist the new initiative team in sourcing electrolysers for Ammonia and Methanol Plants planned by Avaada Group 2.Should have adequate knowledge and hands-on experience about the electrolyser stack components i.e electrodes, membrane/diaphragm, electrolyte, Bi-polar plate etc.3. Shall be responsible for drafting the technical specifications of electrolysers based on the requirement of Hydrogen for the Ammonia plant. The candidate shall also be responsible for designing specifications for the balance of the plant, like:
a. Electrical equipment’s – Rectifier
b. Process equipment – Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Dryers, Reactors/Purification Unit
c. Any other equipment 4.The candidate shall help the team in floating RfP for sourcing electrolysers. He/she will assist in answering technical queries by bidders 5. The candidate will help the team evaluate the technical and commercial proposals and suggest modifications. He will recommend/present the same to the management. 6. Shall prepare comparative technical/ commercial evaluation reports to ease the selection of electrolyser technology 7.Shall assist the team in mapping vendors (local and global) for the balance of plant equipment for electrolysers to be used in projects executed by Avaada Group 8. Shall help prepare a detailed requirement for the manufacturing of electrolysers in terms of raw materials, capital equipment, etc. 9. shall develop detailed manufacturing process flow diagrams and list of machinery for the manufacturing of components involved in the electrolyser stack 10. Shall assist in manufacture inhouse/ outsource decisions for component and equipment manufacturing/ sourcing 11.Shall develop a network of vendors to supply raw materials and capital equipment for electrolyser manufacturing 12.He/she will also assist in the evaluation of the JV/ acquisition opportunities for electrolyser manufacturing companies in India / abroad from technical perspective

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical/Mechanical Engineering or M.Sc/Ph.D. in Electro- Chemistry.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in the electrolyser / green hydrogen domain. The candidate should hands-on experience about the selection and designing of electrolyser stack components i.e electrodes, membrane/diaphragm, electrolyte, Bi-polar plate etc.

Proficiency in software tools such as Solid Works, AutoCAD, ASPEN, Chemcad etc.