Job Description

1.Drive funds raising (rupee as well foreign currency loans), funds management, forex management, financial closure and disbursements etc.
2.Pre-Financial Closure and Banking – Raising debt/equity, financial Closure, liaison with banks, disbursement requests, preparation of PIM, updating of PIM, forecasting future interests.
3.Manage all activities related to funding tie-up & financial closure, up to disbursement.
4.Post Financial Closure- Reviewing loan agreement, Investments / divestments, Prepare, Monitor, and ensure cash flows, fund flows, profitability statements, IRRs, payback periods, DSCR’s, projected profitability and other financial parameters / reports to analyse inflow / outflow of funds and profits/surplus resulting thereof”.
5.Project financing, working capital financing, management, and control.

Educational Qualifications

Experience in Project Finance in Renewable Sector